Our Story

Hello there!

I'm Diana, a proud mum of two, a passionate swimming coach, and a dedicated entrepreneur. I've devoted my life to teaching swimming to people of all ages, using my unique Swim Max Method that delivers effective results quickly.

My journey began in 2008 when I started Diana’s Swim Academy. Together with my fantastic team, we've taught over 10,000 babies, toddlers, kids, and adults to swim and improve their technique. 

But I knew I could do more!

I dreamt of creating a purpose-built swimming pool to give as many people as possible the chance to learn this vital life skill. After years of planning, navigating through the chaos of COVID, and lots of hard work, my dream came true in 2020 with the opening of Swim Max, Limerick's first purpose-built swimming pool.

Today, Swim Max offers the highest quality of swimming lessons for all ages and skill levels. Whether your little one is just starting out or you're an adult looking to perfect your stroke, we've got a program for you. Our team of patient and experienced instructors are committed to giving each student the personalised attention they need.

As a mum myself, I understand how important it is for your children to feel safe and comfortable while they learn. That's why both Diana’s Swim Academy and Swim Max are designed with your family's needs in mind. We strive to create a fun, safe, and welcoming environment where everyone can learn to love the water.

My journey hasn't always been smooth sailing, but it's been incredibly rewarding. I'm so proud of what we've achieved at Swim Max and I'm buzzing with excitement for what's to come. But most of all, I'm grateful for the chance to share my love of swimming with so many wonderful families.

Some fun facts about us:

  • I’m a national Lithuanian champion in the 100m breaststroke and a multi-champion in various national and international swimming competitions, but I didn't learn to swim until I was 9 years old
  • I’ve worked with newborns all the way to high-performance swimmers and Olympic athletes
  • I’m a fully-qualified Swim Teacher, Swim Coach, Baby and Pre-School Swimming Teacher, Baby and Pre-School Swimming Tutor, Aqua Natal Yoga Teacher and Pool Lifeguard
  • I’ve taken part in many courses over the years and learned about different swimming programs around the world 
  • My husband, Jason, helps to run the business operations and office
  • The name Swim Max was inspired by my son, Max
  • My daughter, Sky, loves to enjoy time in the swimming pool and floating on her back unassisted since she was 5 months old


Thank you for being part of our story. I can't wait to welcome you and your family to Swim Max.

See you soon in the pool!