The Swim Max Method

At Swim Max, we pride ourselves on providing the highest standard of swimming lessons for individuals of all ages. From babies and toddlers to children and adults, our experienced instructors are dedicated to helping every swimmer reach their full potential.

What sets us apart is our unique Swim Max Swimming Teaching Method™. This innovative approach guarantees high-quality instruction and delivers fast results. Unlike traditional teaching methods, our instructors actively participate in the water with the children, creating a supportive and engaging learning environment. We maintain small group sizes to ensure each swimmer receives individualised attention and a focused learning experience.

One of the key pillars of our teaching method is the emphasis on swimming without the use of flotation devices. By teaching swimming skills from the very beginning without relying on aids, we empower our swimmers to develop proper technique and eliminate common mistakes right from the start. This approach establishes a solid foundation for long-term swimming success.

To enhance the comfort of our youngest swimmers, we maintain a warm water temperature of 32.6 degrees Celsius. This ensures a cosy and enjoyable experience for babies and toddlers, encouraging them to build confidence and develop their swimming abilities.

At Swim Max, we prioritise safety and maintain a professional and welcoming environment. Our friendly instructors are highly trained, ensuring that you and your loved ones receive expert guidance and supervision throughout your lessons.

Whether you're a parent eager to enrol your child in swimming lessons or an adult seeking to enhance your swimming skills, Swim Max is the ultimate destination.