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Breaststroke Clinic

How it Works?

Breaststroke Technique Clinic with Diana at Swim Max! 

Monday 29th July to Friday 2nd August

12.30pm - 2pm


Are you ready to take your child's breaststroke swimming skills to the next level? 

Swim Max is thrilled to offer an exclusive Breaststroke Technique Clinic, specifically crafted by our Head Coach, Diana. This specialised clinic is designed to transform your child's breaststroke technique in just one week!

Diana is a former swimming champion who swam for her country and won multiple medals, including a Lithuanian championship. After her swimming career, she became a swimming coach, working with both a high-performance centre and a swimming club.

Many of the swimmers Diana has coached, who started training with her when they were between 9 and 16 years old, have gone on to compete at the world level, including the Olympics.

Diana continues to share her love for swimming by offering individual and exclusive group swim clinics to educate and train young swimmers.

Who This Clinic Is For

It's for the competitive swimming club's lowest/youngest squad, for example, the Junior squad.

It's for swimmers in this squad who want to improve their breaststroke technique.

It's for swimmers who can commit to and attend all 5 days of the clinic.

What We Offer

Intensive Focus on Breaststroke: Breaststroke technique, ensuring your child masters the stroke efficiently. 

Guidance by Head Coach Diana: Benefit from a program created by Diana, whose expertise and passion for swimming will inspire and elevate your child's abilities.

Small Group Learning: With only 6 swimmers per group, we guarantee personalised attention and a supportive learning environment.

Dates & Structure

Dates: Monday 29th July to Friday 2nd August during our Swim Camps for this transformative experience.

Times: 12.30pm - 2pm

Comprehensive Sessions: Each clinic includes 30 minutes of swimmer-specific land exercises followed by 1 hour of focused water work, totalling 1.5 hour of intensive training.


Exclusive Takeaways

Personalised Video: Each swimmer receives a short video showcasing their breaststroke from multiple angles (underwater, overwater side, and overwater front), providing invaluable insights into their technique.

Please note: No comments will be recorded in this video.

Land Warm-Up Exercises Cheat Sheet: A handy guide to help your child continue their progress at home, ensuring they're always warmed up and ready to swim.

Certificate of Attendance: A special recognition of your child's dedication and hard work throughout the week.

Why Choose Our Clinic

Our Breaststroke Technique Clinic is an immersive experience that combines expert coaching, innovative teaching methods, and a supportive community.

It's an opportunity for your child to not only improve their technique but also to gain confidence, make new friends, and develop a deeper love for swimming.

Secure Your Child's Space Today!

Spaces are limited to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our clinic.  

Book your child's space in our Breaststroke Technique Clinic below and watch them transform into a more skilled, confident, and enthusiastic swimmer!


Timetable for Breaststroke clinic

Clinic 1
Swim Max (Limerick)
Monday 29th July - Friday 2nd August
12:30 pm
Breaststroke Clinic
Spaces available: 6
Instructor: Diana