Terms & Conditions

Rules to be observed by You (the Customer) throughout the course:

  • You will remain responsible for yourself and your child throughout each session..
  • You or the nominated guardian must conduct yourselves to promote the safety and comfort of all in attendance, and we can request that either you or the guardian vacate the premises immediately if we feel it reasonable in the circumstances. In this event, Swim Max will not refund lessons.
  • It would be best to take all rubbish to the provided bin at the end of each lesson.
  • Any abusive or offensive behaviour towards any staff member (or venue staff) will not be tolerated, and you will be asked to leave the lesson.
  • Children must wear a Swim Max swim cap when attending sessions. No other swim caps are permitted during the sessions. Refusal to follow this could result in your child not being allowed to take part in sessions.
  • Parents must remain in the building during session times.
  • If you have complaints, then please inform us in writing at swim@swimmax.ie

Rules to be Observed by You Throughout the Course (Baby/Toddler and Parent Sessions):

  • Neither You nor a guardian should enter the swimming pool until permitted by the Instructor.
  • Your baby or toddler will not be allowed to participate in the session unless you or the nominated guardian can enter the water with your baby to assume responsibility.
  • It would be best to take all rubbish and nappies to the provided bin at the end of each session.
  • Photography is strictly prohibited throughout the course. However, we shall endeavour to have photographs of your baby taken in nominated sessions during the course. We shall advise you in advance of the date of this session, and if you do not wish your baby/child to partake, please let us know via email: swim@swimmax.ie 

Booking and Payment

Booking and Payment Conditions:

  • A Contract comprising these Terms and Conditions will come into effect once you submit a booking form to Swim Max.
  • All bookings are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and we cannot guarantee your choice of day and time. It is therefore in your interest to submit full payment along with the booking form before the deadline expires.
  • If on receipt of your booking form and payment we cannot offer you your first or second choice, then we will telephone or text you to arrange an alternative.
  • Any correspondence or other contact will be directed to you and if any of your personal details differ at any stage during the course you must notify us immediately.

Session Cancellation

Occasionally, it may become necessary to cancel/rearrange a session due to unforeseen circumstances. If this happens, Swim Max will organise an alternative session, and we will do our best to inform all participants about this occurrence as soon as possible. The alternate session may occur in any venue we use, on different days and times, and with other instructors. However, if you cannot attend the rearranged sessions, we cannot offer credit or a refund.

The above applies to all class types. 

Please note: We also operate a 48 hr cancellation period with regards to Private session cancellation.
Any Private sessions booked, and cancelled by the customer within 48 hrs of the agreed lesson, will not be refunded or credited.

Private sessions booked and cancelled outside of 48 hrs, we will re-arrange once to suit and at no extra cost.
All other rescheduling of Privates will have a €10 admin fee charge applied.

All rescheduling of Private lessons must be done by email to swim@swimmax.ie only.

NOTE: If you (the customer) have to cancel any group session(s) for any reason, please be aware that we do not provide credit or a refund. 


Course Cancellation

In the event of a course not commencing (e.g.insufficient student numbers on enrolment, pool closures, any circumstance that stops a course commencing when scheduled) Swim Max will offer an alternative course/start date. If the alternatives offered do not suit, Swim Max will give credit towards the next term

NOTE: If you (the customer) have to cancel any term or group session(s) for any reason, at any stage of the process, please be aware that we do not provide credit or a refund. 
Additionally, once the term begins, if you (the customer) have to cancel any sessions, please be aware that we do not offer credit or refunds.


Changing Instructor 
Although we retain the same instructors for the lessons, occasionally, we might have no choice but to change the Instructor in the event of illness or other unforeseen circumstances.


Lesson Numbers
Every effort is made to keep lesson numbers low, but any target lesson numbers that are given are just that, and we reserve the right to alter lesson sizes if necessary.


Health and Safety
Children should be supervised at all times before, during and after the session by their parent or guardian.

Babies and toddlers must wear special swim nappies and swimsuits or swimming togs over the swim nappy during sessions. Only children who are toilet trained do not have to use swim nappies.

You must inform your swimming instructor if there is any medical condition of the participant (either parent/guardian or baby/toddler/child) that may be relevant.

If you or the guardian know of any illness medical condition or allergy caused to the baby, toddler or child, you must notify us and the Instructor prior to any session and give full details so that we can take appropriate action or precautions if necessary.

If we feel the baby, toddler or child cannot do their session due to illness, allergy or other appropriate reasons, and we reserve the right to prevent the participant from attending a session or the course. In such circumstances, we are unable to offer any refund.

Only one parent/guardian per swimmer are allowed into all venues we teach in. No siblings / other family members or friends are permitted into venues.

All swimmers are expected to shower before entering pools and to please bring flip flops that have not been worn outside and must be worn at all times in the Swim Max venue.  

Lost Property
All personal belongings should be kept secure. Swim Max does not take responsibility for items that get damaged, lost or stolen.


Privacy Policy
All information you provide, including you and your child’s personal data, will be secured in the Swim Max database and cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons. We do not store, or retain credit/debit card details. However, as the internet is not 100% secure, you provide all information at your own risk.

In your sign up for sessions and payment of your deposit, you (the Customer) consent to the use for advertising purposes of any photographs which Swim Max may take of your child during their swim sessions. You waive any right to inspect or approve the photos before their use and waive any rights to compensation in connection with Swim Max to use the photographs for advertising. It is your responsibility to notify Swim Max in writing if you do not want your child’s picture taken or used.

By entering our website, sending us an email or completing our forms, you provide specific personal details to offer our service to you. We will use your personal information for correspondence, including emails, posts, text messages and phone calls (if necessary). If you do not wish to receive any mail from Swim Max, please inform us.

On our website, you may come across links that redirect you to Third-Party Websites. Swim Max does not have any rights to the Third Party Websites and does not take responsibility for their privacy policy strategy.


Gift Card
Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash.

This gift certificate is non-transferable, and resale is prohibited.

If a gift certificate is lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or used without permission, Swim Max will not provide a replacement in these circumstances.

The gift certificate cannot be combined with other vouchers and is not valid with any other promotions or offers.


Swim Max has the absolute right to refuse admission to any of our swimming classes and venues. 
A safe and secure working environment is necessary for our staff to work in and is of paramount importance to us and therefore staff are instructed not to accept or tolerate any level of violent,
abusive or threatening behaviour that is directed towards them, via email, text, phone calls, or face to face.

Please be aware that from time to time Swim Max Terms and Conditions may change or be updated, and we advise you to keep yourself familiar with these.