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Lesson Details

Swim Max (Limerick)
Saturday / Saturday 31st Aug to Saturday 21st December 2024 – 16 weeks (no class on 2nd November) = €320 / 2:30 pm / Beginner 2 (6 yrs - 9 yrs)

Spaces available: 4
Price: 320.00


Can't put face underwater - No lessons before - Can’t float on their front or back (starfish position), unaided and unassisted
Comfortable in the water – Able to put face under water and hold their breath 5 – 10 seconds – Can float by themselves on their front and back (starfish) unaided and unassisted – Beginning to swim in Front crawl (5-7m)
Can swim front crawl 10m of pool – Can swim backstroke 10m of pool
Comfortably able to swim freestyle (40mtrs non-stop) - Comfortably able to swim backstroke (40mtrs non-stop) - Know how to do Breaststroke leg kick
Can swim front crawl 100m – Can swim backstroke 100m – Can swim breaststroke 100m – Can swim Buterfly 40m
The objective of our Technique Clinics is to refine and enhance the swimming techniques of junior competitive club swimmers, focusing on efficiency, speed, and reducing the risk of injury. These clinics are designed to provide targeted instruction and feedback to help swimmers improve their performance in competitive settings.