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Lesson Details

Avista (Limerick)
Sunday / 14TH JAN - 23RD MAR (no classes on 17th March) / 12:30 pm / INTERMEDIATE 1 (5-8yrs)

Spaces available: 4
Price: 200.00


Can't put face underwater - No lessons before - Can’t float on their front or back (starfish position), unaided and unassisted
Comfortable in the water – Able to put face under water and hold their breath 5 – 10 seconds – Can float by themselves on their front and back (starfish) unaided and unassisted – Beginning to swim in Front crawl (5-7m)
Can swim front crawl 10m of pool – Can swim backstroke 10m of pool
Comfortably able to swim freestyle (40mtrs non-stop) - Comfortably able to swim backstroke (40mtrs non-stop) - Know how to do Breaststroke leg kick
Can swim front crawl 100m – Can swim backstroke 100m – Can swim breaststroke 100m – Can swim Buterfly 40m