Consistency plays a crucial role in the progress of baby swimming lessons. I know this as both a qualified Baby Swimming Instructor, but also as a mum to my 15-month old daughter, Sky.

Initially, when I first started doing swimming lessons with Sky, she was making excellent progress in the water. She was mastering the ability to float unassisted for about 45 seconds - a huge milestone in infant swimming. 

Unfortunately, due to a number of interruptions such as holidays and illnesses, she missed quite a few swimming lessons.

This lack of regular practice significantly impacted her swimming journey. The skills she had acquired at the beginning began to decline, to the point where she could no longer float on her own. She basically needed to relearn these skills again. 

As a mum, this was sad to see, but as a professional swimming instructor, I understand the reason this happened and the solution to prevent this from happening again. 

This experience shows us how important it is to maintain a consistent schedule for Baby Swimming Lessons to ensure continuous development and retention of skills.

Understanding how a baby transitions from being able to float to struggling with it involves a closer look at the fundamentals of floating: buoyancy, centre of gravity, weight distribution, and relaxed muscles. 

Initially, when a baby learns to float, these elements align perfectly, allowing them to remain buoyant with ease.

However, babies grow fast, and with growth, their centre of gravity and buoyancy shift. This means that without regular practice, such as when swimming lessons are missed or there's a break in practicing back flotation, these critical components can become misaligned. 

The once-automatic alignment water babies had mastered no longer fit their new body dynamics, resulting in a loss of their ability to float.

Regular practice is essential to adjust and maintain these skills, especially as babies grow so fast and their body proportion changes. 

Sky has now returned to regular Baby Swimming Lessons and I’m pleased to see the progress she’s made in just a few lessons. 

If you’d like your baby to learn crucial life-saving skills such as floating and water confidence, join us in our Baby Swimming Lessons.


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